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Grounded, Simple… 2016-10-20T16:11:52+00:00

She’s a very warm, funny, and a genuine person.  She’s honest, hardworking and when she puts her mind to something she makes it happen. (her photography business is proof of that) she’s artistic and has a great eye! Her pictures are beautiful, breath taking and one of a kind! She’s always up for an adventure, which shows in her photography:)

Grounded, friendly, open, sincere, happy and heart-felt.

Toni is skilled at portraits… 2016-10-20T16:11:52+00:00

Toni is a kind, caring and modest person who is passionate about photography. She has a wonderful ability to capture what is important in a scene and to leave the rest out. Toni has worked very hard in the time that I have known her to continually improve her skills and it shows. Toni’s compositions are beautiful and engaging,her image process is modern and always tastefully applied. She’s very skilled at portraits, animals, landscape, nature and rural architecture.

Toni is so talented… 2016-10-20T16:11:52+00:00

Toni is so talented! I am having trouble finding the right words…in my opinion Toni has the ability to make pretty landscapes into such beautiful images that it makes you want to stop and hope to find something that amazing!


Toni Kahnke is an avid outdoor lover… 2016-10-20T16:11:53+00:00

Toni is an avid outdoor lover and outside of the box thinker, which helps make her images so special.

Toni can see the positive in all situations to make them be much more inspirational & less negative so that can you see positive in the negative situations.

Toni has the ability to truly listen to the customer and it shows in her work.

How I would describe Toni Kahnke’s work… 2014-10-22T18:03:10+00:00

I would describe your work as beautifully inviting for the viewer, you bring Gods world into full view!

~Your landscapes are soothing to the soul and so serene


~Thoughtful, heartfelt, warm, easy-going/relaxed, passionate, caring, natural eye for a candid capture

~Kind, Caring, beautiful, lovely

~Dedicated, honest, perfectionist, attention to detail, friendly, sincere

~Love for natures beauty, Unique and pure

You do amazing work!

I have known Toni for a few decades now… 2016-10-20T16:11:53+00:00

Toni makes you feel like a close friend whenever you spend time around her. Her ability to listen and care deeply for others is apparent immediately. She has a keen sense of empathy. She has an ability to make you feel very comfortable in any setting. She is a sweet and caring person which seems to be captured in many of her photos – especially in her love for nature and animals. What a joy in my heart as I see the love portrayed through her photography! Truly a blessing to know this talented person!