Our experience with Toni was amazing.2018-03-17T21:57:00+00:00

Our experience with Toni was amazing. She was so great to work with and made it a fun day for Ashlyn. Her pictures are exceptional and have amazing detail. I would definitely recommend Toni. We could not be happier with the great job she did for us! -Lynn Simons (Sturgis Senior)

We had a blast with Toni from start to finish!!2018-03-17T21:42:30+00:00

We had a blast with Toni from start to finish!! We didn’t know where to start and had a million ideas in our heads of what we wanted for my daughters senior pictures. Toni followed along with us and our ideas and with her brilliant photographer mind she created unbelievably amazing pictures!! She came to our ranch in north eastern Wyoming, a place she had never seen before and was able to capture it, my daughter and her horses in a way we could have never dreamed possible!! We highly recommend Toni and her talents! We plan to be back for a family session in the future! -Colleen Harris

I couldn’t be happier with my senior pictures!2018-03-17T21:58:40+00:00

I couldn’t be happier with my senior pictures! Toni has such great ideas and will do anything to get the right shot! My session was an absolute blast! She is priced great for the amazing quality! Toni is very talented and also a very good joke teller;) -Natalie Leisinger (Highmore Senior)

Toni was a super fun person to work with!2018-03-17T21:59:35+00:00

Toni was a super fun person to work with! I really enjoyed my session with her, she had a lot of really great ideas and was willing to work with mine as well!! I would definitely recommend her as she is such an awesome and easy person to work with!! -Amanda Dean (Spearfish Senior)

Had a wonderful experience with an exceptional photographer.2018-03-17T21:36:30+00:00

Had a wonderful experience with an exceptional photographer. Would highly recommend her. Thanks again Toni for taking such good care of us. -Katie Satzinger

I very much enjoyed my senior photo session with Toni2018-03-17T22:04:26+00:00

I very much enjoyed my senior photo session with Toni, she is very kind and doesn’t mind being herself around you. I was able to feel quite comfortable having my picture taken and she made me feel like myself. The pictures I received were amazing and the process was easy and quick. I am so thankful that I was able to work with Toni this past fall!! -Annabelle Schulz (Spearfish Senior)

Toni made my senior pictures such a fun and enjoyable time!2018-03-17T22:01:56+00:00

Toni made my senior pictures such a fun and enjoyable time! She does such great work and they turned out so good! I will definetly go back for future pictures! -Raymie Keegan (Belle Fourche Senior)

Toni does a fantastic job!2018-03-17T22:03:16+00:00

Toni does a fantastic job! She is very willing to work with any props or settings you may have for your picture ideas! Not to mention she is flexible with your schedule! -Gretchen Satzinger (Belle  Fourche Senior)

I had a perfect experience with Toni!2018-03-17T22:05:17+00:00

I had a perfect experience with Toni! A couple of my friends recommended Toni and her prices are very affordable. My favorite part was the photo shoot itself! Toni has an awesome personality and sense of humor. She is willing to try a variety of locations and shots. The images are beautiful all around, but the way my smile and face stands out against the background is central. I plan on letting my soon-to-be senior friends know how awesome Toni is. -Hannah Neumiller (Spearfish Senior)

Toni is an amazing photographer and she is reasonably priced.2018-03-17T22:06:14+00:00

Toni is an amazing photographer and she is reasonable priced. My favorite part of Tate’s senior photo session was the time Toni took to capture amazing photos. Tate enjoyed his session so much and Toni captured who he is in his photos. -Emily Olson (Belle Fourche Senior)

Our experience having Toni take my daughter’s senior pictures was wonderful!2018-03-17T22:07:19+00:00

Our experience having Toni take my daughter’s senior pictures was wonderful! Toni is very professional, but very fun to work with. She has a kind, sweet spirit that really put my daughter at ease, and as a result, the pictures are fantastic! We were not required to purchase a large expensive package of pictures that would never get used. We were able to pick only the pictures and products we wanted, which made it easy to control the cost. I highly recommend Toni Kahnke Photgraphy, her work is top notch and her prices are extremely reasonable. -Michele Schulz (Spearfish Senior)

Toni was a fun, flexible photographer.2018-03-17T22:08:16+00:00

Toni was a fun, flexible photographer. She was quick to edit pictures so you can see them and she was open to ideas but also had awesome ideas of her own. She is a genuinely nice person and she takes beautiful pictures. I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting top of the line photos done! 🙂 -Brianna Williams (Buffalo Senior)

My experience with Toni would best be described as effortless.2017-07-11T20:46:53+00:00

My experience with Toni would best be described as effortless. She makes having a photography session so easy – especially for someone who doesn’t necessarily like to have their pictures taken. I can recommend her without hesitation. She is passionate about her job and her work is top notch! -Michelle Watson

I love taking photos with Toni!2017-07-11T20:45:09+00:00

I love taking photos with Toni! She is so easy to talk to and be around and makes it a fun time. -Brooke Howell

Toni does a great job2017-07-11T20:43:39+00:00

Toni does a great job – couldn’t be happier with her work! She makes it fun – does it how you want it done – reasonable prices – and her photography is excellent! -Mark Leverington

Toni is a true artist with a camera2017-07-11T20:41:34+00:00

Toni is a true Artist with a camera, she captures the best in her subjects, people or animals. Love your work. -Betty Wilson

My experience with Toni was amazing!2017-07-11T20:39:58+00:00

My experience with Toni was amazing! I’m not one who enjoys having their picture taken, however, Toni made me feel very comfortable and feel like myself in my pictures. She is one of the sweetest persons you could meet and she does a great job, I am so very happy to have been able to work with her! -Annabelle Schulz

Grounded, Simple…2016-10-20T16:11:52+00:00

She’s a very warm, funny, and a genuine person.  She’s honest, hardworking and when she puts her mind to something she makes it happen. (her photography business is proof of that) she’s artistic and has a great eye! Her pictures are beautiful, breath taking and one of a kind! She’s always up for an adventure, which shows in her photography:)

Grounded, friendly, open, sincere, happy and heart-felt.

Toni is skilled at portraits…2016-10-20T16:11:52+00:00

Toni is a kind, caring and modest person who is passionate about photography. She has a wonderful ability to capture what is important in a scene and to leave the rest out. Toni has worked very hard in the time that I have known her to continually improve her skills and it shows. Toni’s compositions are beautiful and engaging,her image process is modern and always tastefully applied. She’s very skilled at portraits, animals, landscape, nature and rural architecture.

Toni is so talented…2016-10-20T16:11:52+00:00

Toni is so talented! I am having trouble finding the right words…in my opinion Toni has the ability to make pretty landscapes into such beautiful images that it makes you want to stop and hope to find something that amazing!


Toni Kahnke is an avid outdoor lover…2016-10-20T16:11:53+00:00

Toni is an avid outdoor lover and outside of the box thinker, which helps make her images so special.

Toni can see the positive in all situations to make them be much more inspirational & less negative so that can you see positive in the negative situations.

Toni has the ability to truly listen to the customer and it shows in her work.

How I would describe Toni Kahnke’s work…2014-10-22T18:03:10+00:00

I would describe your work as beautifully inviting for the viewer, you bring Gods world into full view!

~Your landscapes are soothing to the soul and so serene


~Thoughtful, heartfelt, warm, easy-going/relaxed, passionate, caring, natural eye for a candid capture

~Kind, Caring, beautiful, lovely

~Dedicated, honest, perfectionist, attention to detail, friendly, sincere

~Love for natures beauty, Unique and pure

You do amazing work!

I have known Toni for a few decades now…2016-10-20T16:11:53+00:00

Toni makes you feel like a close friend whenever you spend time around her. Her ability to listen and care deeply for others is apparent immediately. She has a keen sense of empathy. She has an ability to make you feel very comfortable in any setting. She is a sweet and caring person which seems to be captured in many of her photos – especially in her love for nature and animals. What a joy in my heart as I see the love portrayed through her photography! Truly a blessing to know this talented person!